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Annual Accounting

To assist you, we provide an extensive range of accountancy and bookkeeping services. These services include the following:

  • Assistance and provision of training to your staff, with regard to manual bookkeeping systems or computerized packages
  • Preparation of year end accounts
  • Preparation of management and interim accounts

Besides helping you meet the statutory requirements, we also take the opportunity to conduct a review of your financial and management systems. This can often result in our identifying potential problem areas and recommending opportunities to improve your business performance. We discuss the problems and opportunities with you and help you implement any agreed solutions.

We see the preparation of your annual report as an opportunity to enhance your external image. A well-prepared report can have a considerable positive impact on the perceptions of investors, potential finance sources, customers, prospect, referral sources, and even your own staff - all of which greatly improves your business prospects for the future.

Book Keeping

We can relieve you and your staff of an enormous burden by taking care of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs, including the preparation of your annual accounts.

Our first step is to work with you so we can gain a full understanding of your business. We then tailor our approach to your requirements so we can provide exactly the service you need.

Besides your core bookkeeping, we can also maintain your VAT records and take on short-term projects to relieve your staff of any temporary overload.
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Business Growth

Management Accounts

Management accounts are not a legal requirement but are vital for a company's management to track performance, and may indeed be required by banks and investors.

The importance of evaluating the performance of any business before the year-end can be crucial. Clients are encouraged to monitor their performance and we help them by preparing monthly or quarterly management accounts, which they find invaluable. For any small business wishing to succeed, monitoring costs, revenues and cash flow in the early years is vital.

We tailor management accounts to your requirements in terms of wording, layout, charts and key metrics tracked. Our objective is that our clients understand and use the accounts to improve their profitability and the value of their business.

Tax Planning & Saving Schemes

We offer our services to high net-worth expatriates and international professionals with tax planning and saving schemes. Our tax planners will cover taxation liability, legal tax breaks, offshore setting up and other schemes an individual and or company is entitled to and can help you formulate a legal plan to assist with lowering your overall taxation liability.

Our services are a great asset to any expatriate as we understand the taxation rules between the countries and will work out schemes limiting the taxation liability. The tax planning and saving is legal and our advice is in compliance with the tax laws.

Tax Investigations

Investigations can be unpleasant at the best of times with Inspectors trawling through business and personal records in the hope of identifying irregularities. We provide full consultancy services for tax investigations. No two cases are the same, but it is good to know that back-up and support is available when you need it most. We are happy to take cases on from start to finish, or to offer advice when required.

We find that a good result can often be achieved for clients by adopting no nonsense approach with the Revenue and by ensuring they keep to their internal instructions.

Tax Planning

VAT Services

Waran & Co can register United Kingdom companies for VAT and provide VAT administration services. The process usually takes about a month unless further queries arise during the application process*.

*Registration is given at the discretion of H M Revenue & Customs.

Our VAT service includes:

  • Assistance with VAT registration
  • Advice on VAT planning and administration
  • VAT control & reconciliation
  • Help with completing VAT returns
  • Planning to minimize future problems with Customs and Excise
  • Dealing with correspondence & telephone enquiries received from H M Revenue & Customs related to business
  • Negotiating with Customs & Excise in disputes and representing you at VAT tribunals
  • Acting as VAT agent and providing a United Kingdom address as a point of contact for HMRC
  • Advising when VAT returns are due and requesting copy invoices
  • Scheduling the sale/purchase invoices received, and compiling the quarterly return
  • Advising of any VAT due or passing on any repayments received

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Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Waran & Co offers assistance in self-assessment tax returns. Whether you are self-employed and requires assistance or having a complicated tax affairs, we offer our self-assessment tax returns service at a fixed fee..

Capital Gains Tax

We provide vital guidance, tax planning advice and assistance in handling the Capital Gains Tax. We offer our services to businesses and individuals facing high taxes and personal liability on their properties.

Inheritance Tax

Our experienced team of Inheritance Tax can offer well informed, up to date Inheritance Tax advice. With careful planning it is possible to mitigate the taxes and we offer our expert advice to reduce the inheritance taxes.

International Tax Planning

Our specialist tax professionals provide bespoke tax advice and expatriate tax planning assistance to a broad range of clients. Over the years we have developed an international network, where we managed to generate different tax planning ideas to reduce the tax burden of our clients.

Specialist in IR 35 & offshore companies

We are specialists in establishing and managing IR35 and offshore companies, trusts and other international business structures to meet the wealth protection objectives of our clients.

Payroll & HR

Our fast, accurate Payroll & HR solutions

  • Save weeks of time, effort and money
  • Reduce the risk of wrong system selection
  • Check thousands of features & criteria
  • Totally impartial
  • Money back guarantee
  • Versions for small, medium & large size organizations


With all that your growing business demands, the last thing you want to worry about are tedious payroll and human resources administrative tasks. We can provide a complete resource for outsourced payroll processing, HR management and employee self-service. We offer flexible, scalable and fully integrated solutions that adapt to your company's ever-changing needs and provide you with the payroll and human resources information you need... when and how you need it.

Our Payroll Services include:

  • Employee payslips (with copy of employers copy)
  • Weekly and Monthly Payroll itemising all pay roll deductions for the period
  • Payment Record sheet for Tax and NI payment
  • Setting up of new staff and P45 for those leaving
  • Provision of analysis of staff costs
  • PAYE returns for the Revenue
  • Managing statutory sick pay or maternity pay & dealing with student loan deductions
  • Year end Employer Annual Return P35
  • Employee summary P60's and P14 and other benefit and expenses returns
  • Comprehensive advice on all employment tax issues (company vehicles, contributions)

Company Start-ups

We nurture our start-ups, advice and support existing businesses and continue to add value to our more mature clients that have grown to become major players.

If you are looking to set up a company, we can assist in its formation. You can choose either a tailor-made company with a name of your choice (subject to availability) or a ready-made company (off the shelf), which is available for purchase and immediate trading. In both cases, we can help you with the process of incorporation and can also co-ordinate the process of changing a company name. We can also deal with same day incorporations.

We provide complete and detailed advice on business start-up, management and development. We will guide through the whole process of starting a new business through your development. We prepare business plan, cash flow forecast and due diligence reports for businesses.

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Following are some of the Business Management Services we provide:

  • New Business set up
  • Business Plans
  • Business Finances
  • Business Structure
  • Project Financing and Profitability Analysis
  • Budgetary Control System
  • Company Secretarial
  • Financial Planning
  • Materials Management and Inventory Controls
  • Cost Studies